Friday, September 29, 2006


Sometimes we love people enough that we don't really need to understand them. Sometimes we love people that much but wish we could get inside of their heads just a little bit.

There is someone I love that lives in a bubble. I imagine her in a giant snowglobe protected from the outside air and weather. I just want to shake that snow globe so hard that she falls out and sees the world from outside of her perceptions. I want her to breathe the same air that I breathe, to see the same view that I see.

I imagine her in her snowglobe home doing things, making things in complete silence all around her. I imagine her gardening, cooking, cleaning, picking up new hobbies and occasionally having that globe shaken so hard that she loses her balance and doesn't know why.

When we talk I know she's got so much noise in her head that she can't hear me and no matter what I say it can't break through the din of her mind.

Mom, do you know that I can eat 2 pounds of blueberries an hour (based on having eaten 20 pounds in 10 hours) ? Do you know that I cry when I see elderly people alone? That I'm mad at you and dad for leaving both of your mothers behind the iron curtain to age alone? That I dated boys that were mean to me? That My favourite tea is Genmaicha and the smell of rosemary reminds me of you which is why it's my favourite herb to cook with?

I don't suppose that you do or ever will, but I still love you.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


The city of Vancouver is determined to kill off small business in the Mount Pleasant area. There is city construction all around Main Broadway and they keep blocking the streets off at random intervals with no warning. I'm not totally sure why they don't just rip the roads up once, do all they have to do, repave the streets and leave rather than all of this willy nilly construction.

Last week they shut our street down for a couple of days to re-pave the alley right behind the store and I got some kinda cool pictures.

A couple of days ago there was one of those amazing Vancouver rainbows. I've never seen rainbows so beautiful before moving here.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Comment for Elaine

I left this comment for Elaine on her Trifective blog. Read her blog, it's good.

Sometimes I feel itchy from the inside out and I can't scratch the itch because it travels. I think that it's also known as feeling so tired you feel giddy.

Also, I do stand up comedy in my mind to try to get myself to fall asleep. You already know that Elaine and I feel it's time I come out with my little secret. I do stand up comedy when I'm trying to fall asleep. I have one problem though...I have never in the many years of doing this come up with a punch line.

Like for example today I turned on the tv and was 'shanghaied' by a very old episode of 90210. So tonight I'll be lying in bed making jokes up about the peach pit and Emily Valintine. Punchline anyone?

I know you Understand Elaine.

Ha Ha!

Oh Vancouver you strange and lovely beast. First you mock me with your lack of friendly faces and now you poureth them upon me. My new favourite word it 'shanghaied' as in people taking you somewhere you didn't expect to go and, unlike being kidnapped, is a pleasant experience.

I know I sound happy and like I love this place, but I promise to never become one of those people that love Vancouver at all cost.... Especially at the cost of appearing deranged ( you know who you are and stop wearing so much god damn lycra and fleece!). So here I am right now and it's fun, but if it ever gets too much, too mean, I'll be o.k with leaving. So don't get comfortable Vancouver...Lark may be here now...but remember it's a lark and we can have one anywhere. Empty threats my friends, right now Vancouver is the closest thing to shangri-la. It's a layered place, just when you think you've figured it out a fancy restaurant opens off Blood Alley...which if you have never been here is appropriately named.

So I beckon you to join us here in our little provincial town as we shape it into a city much to the chagrin of city hall. If you have a good idea and limitless patience we need you. This town is bursting at the seams of convention and we need more pressure to blow the lid off and turn it into a truly dynamic city.

I am so tired and delirious right now! Someone out there respond and tell me something new!

More Pictures

More Photos!


Dane and Veronika (Me!)

Elaine Corden Everybody! Thanks for bartending pretty lady!

Elaine Corden's very long and slender legs everybody!

This is Karmin, and we both love this photo 'cause it looks like we're in a bad ass girl band.
She's so cute!

unfortunately there were a lot of people who's photo's I didn't get. This was a VERY mellow Lark party....which I must say was really nice. Dane and I are starting to get tired from working 7 days a week and the parties are fun, but man are they ever a lot of work!

There will be more photos from the party up soon. I got shanghaied by a bunch of girls for a fast photo session....I've never felt so high on estrogen before. They even asked Danes permission to take me out with them sometime I need permission! Hockey season is upon us after all.

Joe's art opening

Here are some photo's from our party last night. I can't upload more then a few at a time so I'll have to do this in sections.

This is a not so flattering photo of Prophecy and her sister. Prophecy is a very beautiful woman, she has very high cheek bones like a super model and an infectious smile. Her sister I met for the first time last night, she's young, shy, and very sweet.

This is Graham, we love Graham. He's a walking ray of sunshine....and cute too!

DJ Alan was kind enough to help us out with an AMAZING musical selection. Who knew that Karma police by Radiohead would work as a reggae tune. Any DJ that has the courage to end a night with the theme song 'Real American Hero' has courage unknown to most of humanity.

JULIUS!!!!! Were do I begin. Warm, funny, smart, positive, hardworking and a pleasure to be around. That's our friend Julius...damn good cook too.

This is the artist Joe...bad picture I know. This man is a true artist. His work is so amazing. Dane and I bought two pieces that work well together....and you all know that I have a general distaste for a lot of art. It's so refreshing to see someone creating genuinely, honestly, with humour and technical skill. If he doesn't become one of Canada's most sought after artists then the state of out culture in in worse disrepair then I thought.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Case of the Crazies

SO, I just skipped out for a coffee and ran into a guy that I shared a painting studio with in Toronto back when I was suffering from a serious case of the crazies. I've run into him a couple of times here, he is a really good painter and heavily involved in the arts here. I have nothing against him, nor do I know anything about him..... like his name for example, but damn I feel better when I don't run into people from that period in my life. I guess moving 4000km away just isn't far enough.

I don't know if any of you have ever gone loopy for any length of time, and I don't recommend it if only because of having to do the politeness dance with someone who you know thinks you're nutty, and not like yummy nutela nutty either, more like 'that chick is fucked' nutty.

Long story short I had a shitty breakup, I stopped eating, breathing and thinking straight. I shared a painting studio with a "friend" and I guess my case of temporary insanity got to her and just when this guy (Andrew?) took a spot in the studio I got thrown out. Did I mention that as I stopped doing many rational things I started painting like crazy? Having found a method of dealing which worked really well and having it disappear was pretty rough. I just didn't have it in me to find a new studio when at the time I wasn't even able to find a place to live. Believe it or not, this is the short version.

One of the things that I love so much about living here is that I have very little chance of running into people I would like to punch...Preferably in the nose because that's where coke heads bleed the most. I don't want to punch this painter guy, but I would like to ask "hey, just out of curiosity, do you think I'm crazy?" Seriously just out of curiosity.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Myspace rantings

I was reading over my blogs on myspace and thought these were kind
of funny, so here you go.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shake hands everyone

I've been trolling around this myspace thing and have found a whole host of bad memories and general curiosities.

So far I've seen more naked pictures of creepy people then war and peace has verbs, I've found a guy's profile whom a friend of mine is apparently dating but his profile says that not only is he single...he's looking for a serious relationship, I've found other girls with my haircut, especially one girl that I was almost friends with....what up with that!

On the plus side I've found people that I like and would like to be friends with....or even just myspace friends with, and I've been able to spy on people from the dark corners of my past....I've got to get a new haircut. (I got my hair cut shortish and have since decided that I'll go back to having it longish regardless of said almost friend...which was really a dodged ball of drama by not becoming friends...long story...another day)

So I must say that myspace you strange land of mythical beasts, you're okay in my books.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunshine Current mood: ham $ cheese (this one I just enjoyed the current mood option and made myself laugh with Ham money cheese)

It's sunny out, one of those days where you forget about how much darkness usually envelopes this city.

I'm sleepy, and would like some clean clothes.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Assholes and Jelly bellys

I'm not really sure what that title is supposed to mean, but what I'd like to say is that everytime I get onto this myspace thing and wander around I get this overwhelming feeling that the world is mostly made up of assholes......lots of them....everywhere.

Who am I to talk? No one at all. Look at the photo of me! I'm eating a giant piece of steak with no remorse, just arrrslurp mmmmmm and in my belly you go Mr. cow. (see above photo)

I think the only cure for dealing with assholes, or in my case simply looking in the mirror, is a handful of jelly bellys.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Husband #1

Dane bought me this beautiful necklace from Jonathan & Olivia yesterday. If you've ever read 100 years of solitude you'd know why it's so special.

I took this photo of there you go.


Thank you Dane!


I just re-read my last post and realized that it sounds like I'm fishing for compliments. I really meant it more from a sociological perspective. So don't leave a comment saying anything complimentary...I want a goth, or indie rocker, or geek, or whatever. All I ask is that I not be categorized as a fashionista...that would hurt.