Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm really tired. So here are some quick pictures from my New York Trip with Natsumi. It's all you get right now. The stories will follow I promise.

This is a photo of Karl and Milan at an absolutely amazing place called Schillers. Every time I tried to get a photo of Milan's wife Vanja she ducked out of the frame. I think I might have a photo of her. The two of them are so sweet together.

Apparently our waiter had slapped a woman for being so rude to him right before we had arrived. I'm not sure if it was a warning, but he was nice to us and no one was assaulted so we were happy.

That's me...Look at me in New York! I am way prettier there than in Vancouver.

Isn't Natsumi so beautiful! I love this photo of her.

oh New York, I really do heart you.

This is a shot of our hotel room. Only if I know you will I tell you the name of this oasis. It's so nice there that I will keep it a secret. It was clean, comfortable, great neighbourhood and really nice staff....Except for the weird guy in the lobby at 1 am when we were coming in from our night out with Milan, Vanja and Karl. He had strange black, rubber framed glasses with thick lenses and he was going on about how he'd kill the cop that called his mother a whore. That was weird and scary. I was pressing that elevator button like you wouldn't believe. Everything sounds more scary when said with a thick NY accent. Or perhaps I've watched too many episodes of law and order.

What a lovely flower shop! So lovely I had to take a photo. I imagine the pearly gates would look a lot like this, or perhaps I just hope they do.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Met the Mayor Today

Yes it's true. I met Vancouver's Mayor Sam Sullivan today. Dane had a meeting with the local Business Improvement association and the mayor to discuss the neighborhood and the mayor's plans for the city with the 2010 Olympics in mind.

It was really interesting, I've never met a politician as important as a mayor before.
I expected to feel intimidated or nervous, but I found Sam Sullivan really easy to talk to and personable.

Some of his ideas for the city sound really interesting and I am curious to see if he's able to turn them into reality.

In other Vancouver news, didja hear they've got a COSTCO in Yaletown!? Seriously!? I'm not sure who can fit a case of cambells soup in their 560 sq ft condo down there. They've started to advertise the new condos as 'New York Style' and if you've ever been to New York you'd know that means 'walk in Closet Size' which is way smaller than what is known as 'Cozy'.

It's so weird, they (the government/developers) keep saying that Vancouver is running out of land since it's between mountains and sea and that the land is finite that is why it's so expensive to buy an apartment. If this is true then can someone explain to me how on earth it is that there is a costco downtown....anyone know? I'm no city planner, but I'm also no fool, and that is a dumb ass way to waste prime land.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Humans are so weird

Going from vegetarian to meat eater is an interesting experience. You sort of have to shut off the part of your brain that wants to scream in horror at the fact that you are ingesting the flesh of a once living thing. You have to be tired enough of being anemic to tell your brain to shut up and eat.

How does an animal get to go from being food to being a pet? Read This.

Have you read it? Okay, so how does an animal go from being dinner to not only a pet, but a beloved pet? Read This.

What else does it take for an animal to avoid dinner plates? Read This....And This.

Humans are so strange.