Friday, January 05, 2007

Hello Again & Meat

It's so weird how you can't control which order the images pop up on this damn thing!

This is a photo I took in the fall looking west down 8th Avenue. Today it is slushing so it looks a hell of a lot like Toronto and nothing like Vancouver out there. I thought this picture might cheer someone up that is in Vancouver in this weather today.

This was taken looking east down 8th just moments after the first image I've got posted. It's the Goh ballet and isn't the light just amazing!

This tub of crabs on the scale are still alive and don't know that they are going to feed some very hungry people. I figure that since crabs eat one another they deserve inturn to be eaten by humans....they are more like sea vegetables than animals I'd say. and they are so good with some melted butter and lemon and salt and pepper and chocolate eclaires!!!!

This is a photo of Elaine eating her very first bite of meat in twenty years. Yay Elaine you're doin' good! It's a lovely duck from Aurora Bistro. It tastes like happiness!

These are the crabs before they were weighed and decided delicious enough for me to eat...mwah ah ah ah ha.

That's all for now, I am so tired...I need a holiday from the holidays!