Friday, March 31, 2006

If only I was Dr.Doolittle

This is what I'd like to say to the barking dog.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Goals

People, Man!

There is this man that eats at the Nice cafe fairly often and he brings his dog and ties it to the parking meter out front. The problem is that the dog is very unhappy about being left outside and so it barks and barks and barks at everything and, bicycles, skateboards you name it, it barks.

I've talked to the guy about the barking being disturbing to us and that I thought that his dog was really unhappy so perhaps he should leave it at home. He's got that red dry alcoholic skin and a bulbous nose, all white/yellow hair; he's the posterchild for what'll happen to you if you don't work towards your dreams and goals. Anyhow, he came by the restaurant today and the really sweet woman (Mary) that owns it asked him and the woman he came with if they wouldn't mind tying the dog down one meter so that at least it wouldn't see them and bark at them through the window. The woman told sweet, gentle Mary that she didn't have to move her dog. Which is true, she didn't HAVE to move her dog, but at some point her 'right' infringes on someone else's rights and her being inconsiderate I suppose comes from her not seeing this.

So I told them when they left ( this is my 4th conversation with this guy), I told them that if they brought their dog again that I would call the pound (I just want to be clear that when I called the pound they said that what they would do is come down and talk to the people with the dog and try to explain to them why it's bad to let your dog get so stressed out). The guy gets on his hind legs and says 'You go ahead and do that' so I said 'O.k' and his girlfriend gets in my face and says 'it's not against the law for a dog to bark'. I just stared at her in disbelief. The woman had to be at least fifty and she was talking and acting like a schoolyard bully. Then she says 'You just call the pound then' so I say 'O.k' and nod because I figure we've come to an agreement, she then sticks her finger in my face and says 'You need an attitude adjustment young lady' so I look at her and practice the famous Elaine Corden double blink blank stare. What you do is stare at whomever it is that is being rude to you and you blink twice and keep staring. It makes them uncomfortable.and gets you point across without having to stoop to their level. The woman was too dense to get it so I turn to go upstairs and she yells at me again that I needed an attitude adjustment. She was getting all bent out of shape about her rights and shouting that it wasn't the dog barking that was the reason we weren't doing good business... we're doing great business, I just don't like listening to a dog bark for two hours straight, I get shaky and stressed.

Now what I'm wondering is if kids these days really are more rude then previous generations...because if these are the kinds of people that have been raising children doesn't it stand to reason that their kids will behave in the manner their parents have modeled for them as acceptable?

(Roll of the eyes) adults these days I tell ya!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

HI! This is my super happy fantastic cat from Japan.

A friend of Danes (Andrew Lister) sends us Japanese dolls fron Kooki, just outside of Tokyo. We always display them somehow, here we've got this guy as part of a book display. He looks so goddamn happy that sometimes when I'm feeling a little blue I look at him and am cheered up. Sometimes I think he's just a smug little bastard though. Just sitting there smiling no matter what and I look at him and say "Hey buddy, where's my good fortune?". He never does reply...just that ear to ear grin. I do love him though.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Arrgh again!

I just wrote what I thought was a really witty and sweet blog about friends, friendships and myspace, I called it: Stalkers of the world unite, it got deleted! Actually I deleted it, sigh can't blame it on the computer like I like to do. I'll have to be witty and funny another time.


Friday, March 24, 2006

I just ate three cupcakes with blue icing; I know that ain't good for pita's kapha's or vata's. I feel totally crazy right now, Dane says that icing is made from sugar and butter, I've never made anything like icing before so although I figured it wasn't going to be good for me I didn't realize I just ate the antidote to riddalin!

This is a photo that you will soon see on the Lark website to announce our one year anniversary, I took it this afternoon.....before I ate three of them...They come in packs of six.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do you ever look up from your life and realize that the world is full of crazy people? Seriously crazy people...And I'm one of them! My biggest problem is that my mouth moves independently from my brain and a lot of the time my brain isn't thinking smart things. I feel like I scare Vancouver.....Yes the whole city. I just keep talking when I know it's time to stop. That is why I have this blog, I can now edit myself and share my thoughts with so many...A few people. My favourite part is reading my friends blogs! Every time I click onto Claudia's blog I learn so much about one of my favourite things, FOOD! Elaine gets me thinking about all kinds of things I would otherwise not ever think about and Robin you have got to update! There are more photo's on the way, but my camera just died so I'll have to upload them tomorrow.

It's late in the evening so I wish you all sweet dreams!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006


Have you ever had a conversation with someone who either just isn't listening or perhaps is in denial of hearing loss? I just had this conversation:

Mom: (insert Czech accent) Hi honey (honey is a new word for her, her boyfriend uses to avoid having to remember your name) I am calling because I didn't want it to miss your birzday.
Me: Hi mom, it's not my birthday untill Wednesday.
Mom: I know it is tomorrow, but I didn't want it to miss it.
Me: But today is Monday.
Mom: I know that is wny I call today, because I didn't want it to miss it.
Me: But today is Monday and my birthday is on Wednesday.
Mom: I know, vat date it is? It's 20th, so tomorrow is your birzday.
Me: My birthday is on the 22nd, Wednesday.
Mom: I know, so tomorrow iz your birzday and I did not want it to miss it so I call today.
Me Thanks mom, how are you?


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Look ma no hands!

I fainally did it! I would like to thank Elaine and Dane for helping me out. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to write about yet. I have a story on the go that I might work on so that if anyone has any comments or ideas they can share them with me, or I may just post pictures of funny things and share my silly little thoughts.

To all of my friends in Toronto and other places in this mad mad world I hope to give you a window into Vancouver and what it's like out here....from my perspective anyhow. I have a handful of amazing friends spread out and maybe this way you all can stay connected and we can keep up with one another. For my friends here in Vancouver I hope I don't make the need for spending time together obsolete! Like Elaine said in her last blog, we seem to experience relationships via technology a lot these days. Let's not let that happen, okay?!!