Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I ask a question

The sun is shining, the mountains are glorious in the distance with snow caps glistening, the air is fresh and there is not one rain cloud in sight.

So I ask you this. Why is it that not very many people in Vancouver find all of the above enough reason to smile? So many grouchy faces!

It is my mission to smile enough to make up for all of the sour faces I see everyday.

Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm packing, getting ready to move to a new, bigger, brighter, quieter apartment. I pulled boxes out of storage that were packed with diaries, letters, photos and whole shit load of memories that, to be honest, hurt.

I've thrown them away. My bizarre obsession with archiving every thought I've ever had, every human interaction I've ever had, is over. I don't care anymore. Or is this blog proof that my need to archive is still strong!? Suirly squirly squirly I tell you!

I am so tired now. I did find some school photos of myself. The one with the pink velvet track top is priceless! I'll post it soon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

First animation ever

Here is my first animation ever. I made it for fun, and I hope you like it!

Monday, November 05, 2007

found news

Hey look, I found a post I started and didn't finish. Pictures!




I'm feeling super restless lately. My mind is on the next buying trip to New York which isn't until February. I'm am so excited about finding new brands and new inspiration for pictures, video's and even music. It's like I've exploded. I wrote and recorded 4 songs last week, learned how to add music to video clips and created the rough video below, found a new apartment all while still working my usual shifts at Lark.

So Dane and I are moving to a nicer, brighter, in suite laundry, little patio, QUIET apartment two blocks away from the store. It's all going well I must say. I do however have this feeling of impending doom....like there is a cartoon anvil above my head...or a grand piano waiting to drop.

Which brings me to my mother and her boyfriend visiting in early December. It will be nice to see her, but I can feel the neurosis slowly creeping up on me. I guess we all have varying degrees of neurosis caused by our parents.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Video Test

I've been super busy learning how to use technology. Here is something I'm working on. I think once I get the technical side of things down I'll be able to make it pretty.

Incase the credits didn't take it's like this:

Music: The Gamines
Magic: Bag Tannis Hegan
& Me

I hope you all like it though it's a very rough draft!


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hey Everybody!

I've had a few people request that I keep this thing moving. I just want you all to know ( Elaine, you're not the only one reading this thing!) that with Christmas coming up fast I have been super busy with the store.

Also, Dane bought Leopard for me and my mac and boy have we been busy!! There is SO much that my computer can do....so much more than just 'panda cam' believe it or not.

SO pictures and stories are on the way as soon as I get the pictures uploaded to go with the stories. I also made a video that I think is funny...I just have to edit out the beginning and end where I set the camera up then scramble to shut it off.

Oh and for those of you not in Vancouver, it's raining like crazy and this is just the start....sigh.