Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lark blog

I don't even know if anyone out there is reading these floating thoughts of mine, but I guess I write it to get it out of my head for the most part. Thanks for reading if you are.

Rain then sun and then some more rain. People shopping, window shopping or just dropping by to talk. Sell some jeans, smile at people sometimes they smile back....much of the time they just ignore me. Then it rains and sometimes the sun will come out.

The pre-teen ballerina's from the Goh Ballet come in to visit on occasion. They call me 'the nice lady' and they argue about who skips class the most.

There are the women with way more money than taste and of course the girls with more taste than money. As long as they are nice it doesn't really bother me either's the ones without manners that get to me. My new technique is to simply walk away...even if they're still talking.

I wish it were ethical of me to write about some of the people that come into the shop. The people watching is great!

We've finally got our house brand in the store. There are still some tops to be delivered, but I will post some images of the Lark brand clothing tomorrow. I'm very excited about it, it's beautiful and it fits so well!

Spoke with my mom last night. As usual within the first five minutes she told me all about people I've never met nor care about.....sigh. One day she'll tell me about herself I know it. For now it's stories about her home stay students laced with inside jokes between her and her boyfriend that I don't understand. She loves me so I guess that's enough.

Sometimes my mother will tell me something about my father, usually in the moment it's just interesting...a curiosity, but then after a while I start to have some kind of feeling. It's usually a bad feeling; like after you eat an off muscle but you don't know it until you're doing a face plant into the toilet a few hours later cursing the chef and feeling like the ocean itself is coming out of your nose. For that reason I no longer eat muscles and I try to avoid all conversations about my father.

More confessions to be posted.

Love and many hugs