Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shake on it.

Sometimes when you shake hands with the devil you don't realize that it isn't the devil at all, it's just you on a bad day. So you go out into the world and you do the things you shook on, and then when the spell is broken and you come to your senses you feel kind of embarrassed. So you go on with things trying to be the best person that you can be, and every once in a while a post card like memory just finds it's way into you, and there you are again facing the devil, except that this time you know that it's you.

Cryptic? Not really, it's just how I feel when I find a thread that leads to somewhere inside my ribs where I've stored bad memories. Usually there is someone else attached and I can't do anything about it anymore. It's not because I lack the bravery, but because it becomes about letting go and untying the thread.

Make sense. Maybe not, but just remember look both ways before you shake hands with the devil.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Red Rover Red Rover.............

It seems that I've talked more about myself then Vancouver here. For anyone who is reading my ramblings I guess I owe you a little something about this town.

Rules for pedestriansVancouver:

#1) On Robson the foreign exchange students walk arm in arm from one end of the sidewalk to the other. When approaching them it's much like a game of Red Rover. So what you do is put your head down and keep walking, at the last second they will part like the red sea for Moses and you will safely make it through. Often I stick an elbow out for insurance or use my Beck(y) skate bag as a shield.

#2) NEVER say 'excuse' me when you wish to pass a slowpoke dawdling in front of you taking up half the sidewalk with their one friend taking up the other half. It's a sign of aggression here, I realize that in most parts of the world it's a polite way of letting someone know that you are in a hurry and you need to pass them......I guess it's the pedestrian version of cars using signals, which may explain why people here don't use their signals when driving....perhaps this is also considered aggressive.

#3) When the desire to walk faster then those meandering in front of you it is customary to make your presence know in the most passive aggressive way possible. You can try walking really close to the obstructing individuals while talking loudly, if you are walking solo cough in their personal space and if necessary stepping on the backs of their heels is also acceptable....as I mentioned in #2 NEVER ask to pass, you will only get yourself dirty looks, they will move, but in a Vancouver minute which is equivalent to a New York Week. I know I don't have that kind of time!

#4) When a group of individuals spill out of any establishment they will obstruct as much of the sidewalk as possible. Asking to be let through is again an act of aggression and you don't have all week do you!? This is much like the Robson game of Red Rover, barrel on through and they will each apologize for being in your way or throw you a dirty glance, it's a toss up. Remember the key here is 'Passive aggressive', direct verbal contact is an immediate confrontation. The alternative is to step into the traffic, which I do not advise.

basically if you've ever seen that Verve video (bitter sweet symphony) where Richard Ashcroft walks down the street bumping into people you have a visual on what you're in for. Just do what Richard does and you'll fit right in.....and you won't have to change your mold no no....no no.

In my opinion the city should paint arrows on the sidewalk to help people keep to the right like the flow of traffic, and like they teach you in kindergarten.

Friday, June 23, 2006

mock me why don't you....

You know you are entering a new era of your life when you look in your refridgerator and find that you have an army of salad dressings staring back at you.

I looked in my cupboard and found two unopened bottles of salad dressing and when I opened my fridge I found three opened ones....mocking me.

It' like I've prematurely hit middle age!

Every time I see salad dressing on sale, like the Eastern European immigrant that I am, I buy it. I will say that I've added some West Coast Canadian flare to my new obsessive compulsive disorder....notice how it's all organic.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Lark & Ea picture sampling

"Hi Paul" (Reggie's twin brother) "You want to go to Elaine's and have some Champaign?" and that's just what they did. Elaine wooed some people away from the shop with the promise of alcohol. Which would explain why when Dane and I crawled up the stairs three hours later and found her cat Jim in the hall with his paws jammed under her door and his face smushed up against it.

And Shauna.......why do you want to attack and eat my camera...oh yeah...you've had some Champaign.

Oh Nick Tay you pumpkin. How pooped you are after all of the madness.

Andie....Andie....Andie......I don't really know what to say about this one.....but really, what is Elaine doing?

And Reggie. Why do you and Shauna both want to eat my camera?

So this is a small selection of photo's from the party. There are many, many more that I will have Shauna post on the Lark website. I've been having a lot of trouble getting pictures up on this blog recently so this'll be it for now.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Don't even get me started.......

I have had something on my mind for a while now and it's time that I get it out. Some of you may not like what I have to say....but it needs saying.

What is up with people bringing their misbehaved children to fancy restaurants and cafes? Seriously Vancouver!!!!! Yes you Vancouver!!!!!

Every Sunday for just over a year Dane and I have been having brunch every Sunday at Aurora Bistro, today was the last day that they will be serving brunch ever, so we made sure to wake up with enough time to enjoy our breakfast and still get the shop opened. What horrified me the most was that even though it was like eating in a fucking day care, I was so used to it that it didn't even occur to me to be mad about the noise and chaos until now. Aurora Bistro is fancy...it's not the white spot or some other FAMILY restaurant...it's where grown ups go to relax and unwind....grown ups without children that wish to enjoy one another and grown ups with children who want to get away from them for a couple of hours. I absolutely fear having children because should I shell out for a baby sitter so that I may escape them and enjoy a quiet meal I'll only be confronted with some unruly brat at the next table. Do I have to go to Toronto or Montreal to eat in peace or wait until past the average bedtime of a toddler?

Let me just clarify one thing before anyone who might be reading this gets their nickers in a knot, not all children are poorly behaved, in fact many are delightful. The fault is with those parents who seem to forget to discipline their children, and also those parents who do not see their precious children's limitations. Some kids can eat at Aurora and behave, and others just can't.

I'm SO tired of parents who let their kids run wild and behave like monsters, it's not the fault of the children, they're doing what they do...it's the god damn inconsiderate parents who seem to think that the sun rises and sets for their precious genetic creation. Parents who get mad at sweet natured dogs and cats who nip at children who pull their tales....It's and animal! Teach your child how to treat them or the animal will! And while you're at it teach your children that yelling and screaming in a 1200 square foot restaurant is inappropriate! Also, don't be giving them donuts and then setting them loose on my nerves!

I used to like going to a cafe a bit further down Main St so that I could escape the shop and some of soma's way too regular regulars; but I had to stop going there when the last time I went a man was reading his paper while his toddler daughter was climbing up on the tables.......with her shoes! Dude, your kid is bored, doesn't want to watch you read, and she's eating a cookie so she's getting high on sugar...... sugar is speed for children!

For those that have well mannered children that they clearly nurture and discipline, well, I say thank you and bring 'em along! Also please advise on what to do about parents who are oblivious to their children's needs.

Thanks...........it feels good to get that off my chest..........oh and I love Aurora and don't blame them for not doing brunch........can't wait to have dinner there sometime very soon.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

EA & Lark Party

Last night was like something out of a eighties teen movie...you know, the one where there are people spilling out onto the front lawn, the one where the cops show up and they don't really want to deal with it, the one where if they had just gone home before the game of spin the bottle it all would have worked out fine. Except it was grown ups and Dane & I shut it down before anyone had the chance to lose their respectability....THANK GOD!

Nick and Nat made something like $1100 for the Red Cross Sudan relief fund....which was fantastic. At the end of the night when Dane and I were taking out the empties we met a man named Bala. He collects empties around this neighbourhood to send money to Sri Lanka to help the people who are still affected by the tsunami. In his hometown he said they have lost 364 children and that many people are still dying because of a lack of medicine, water and food. I think he said that he has lost much of his own family. He is very humble, Dane and I were both sure he was on the straight and narrow. Bala says he has a very good job and that he doesn't need the money, he does it to help his people and the money goes to Toronto where there is an organization (or he may have said friend....I was very tired at that point) that makes sure the money gets there.

So if you live around Main St and you see a very tall thin Sri Lankin man with short tidy hair that does not look at all like the usual bottle collectors in this area help him out with your empties, it's the very absolute least that we can do. He will tell you that you are very good people and that you have big hearts and you will probably feel humbled by him and shocked that he should say such things about someone who is merely giving him their garbage rather then tossing it in an alley.

I will publish photo's from the party sooooooon as I can. I've got some real gems., thank you alcohol!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dane's birthday party 1c (CAKE!)

Our lovely neighbour Isabel made Dane a Cake for his birthday. Isn't it beautiful! It was SO good. Isabel is from Brazil and she made a Brazilian icing that was really rich and wonderful. In fact, it was so good that people were commenting on it days later. I couldn't find a photo of her in my mad collection of Birthday photo's. She looks a lot like my friend Leanna (when Leanna has a tan) in Toronto, especially when she smiles.

" Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm........Take the photo already we want cake!"

Monday, June 12, 2006

Dane's Birthday Part 1c (meat meat meat meat and birthday steak)

Those of you that are in Toronto may be surprised to find out that we have become full on carnivores. I got HUNGRY!

The truth is that we spent some time in the company of hardcore vegans and they brought out the meat eaters in us both. It's a long-ish story and all I want to say is that the fog has lifted and I can think more clearly and I have more energy.

When Dane turned his back for a moment his plate grew lemon boobs!!!!

Arghhhhh mmmmm snarl MEAT!

Precious!!!! My Precious!!!

Dane got drunk on steak.....look at how cute his is all woozy and delirious with joy.

Dane's Birthday Part 1b

Here are some photo's of the party that give you an idea of just how great it really was. Here we all were on the sidewalk enjoying food, beer , wine and the company of great people and no police officers hassled us. It felt so spontaneous and adventurous, everyone was happy and the night couldn't have been better.

See how close to work we are!
Dane is in the orange and brown striped top....now you can play 'where's Dane'

The guy with the cap is Christian, he's from Paris and has more stories then anyone else I know. He lives life like it's the most precious and wonderful gift that a person can have. He helped us build much of the shop and we were so glad that he and his lady Patricia joined in the celebration. They brought duck breast to grill....how very French!

holly came to visit.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dane's Birthday Part 1a

This is going to have to happen in pieces as I can't upload all of the photos from Dane's Birthday party in one go for some reason that I don't understand.

Here is a photo of Elaine. She is fast becoming one of my favourite people.

This is Stephanie and Steven. Stephanie owns Umeboshi, by far Vancouvers best shoe boutique. Stephanie is wonderful in so many ways, one of which is how genuine she is, it's refreshing. Steven is my friend Polly's fiance, and he has a hair salon (Oo La La) that he runs out of a private studio....he can serve you wine and really good espresso while cutting your hair!. I don't have a photo of Polly, she escaped my mad camera happy spree.

This is our Neighbour Jeremy. he thought that there weren't enough forks for everyone....there were, so we gave him one.One the left is Nick Tay who is a computer game designer that has organized group art shows at the shop. The next one is on Friday (June 16th), he'll also be having a solo show in December. I think that his group is fast becoming a collective with a lot of talent. Joe on the right is also a very good artist. He manages SOMA and will be having a solo show at the shop in September.

Angela and Kye were too cute to not photograph. i don't have the space to write about all of the amazing things that Angela does. She is primarily a photographer, her boyfriend Kye I don't know very well, but if he's with her he's got to be awesome.

On the left we have Rose, he's from L.A and before that the Caribbean islands. He is a part of the art collective showing at the shop on Friday, also incredibly talented. Shauna of Hey Shauna is on the right with an empty wine bottle...she was having fun! Shauna is our web designer...so back off she's too busy already!!!
Here we have Joe drinking a beer, Devon who I must say I love being around, being in her company is a natural high....and Shauna with more wine.

Hi Shauna! You're so cute.

There are more images on the way with more introductions.

I like Elizabeth

I saw Reggie's band 'Elizabeth' play one song a couple of weeks ago. I thought that the show started a half hour later than it did. I loved the one song though! Reggie is my friend Andie's boyfriend.

They were opening for a band called Elephant who should have been opening for them. The lead singer's voice was good not great, He liked to do three very cock star poses while singing, and the music was also good not great. Basically I didn't believe them, why I'm even spending so much time writing about a mediocre manufactured band I'm not sure.

This is a photo of Andie and Reggie, who is hiding behind a beer bottle...nice try Reggie...we can still see you. To the left we have Christine who dates Daver who is also in Elizabeth. Christine is a creature not of this earth. She is beautiful, funny and really happy. She is so happy that she floats, I'm sure her feet have never touched the ground. Elaine is to the right, I don't know the guy in the cap.
Reggie couldn't hide from my camera forever! I have a feeling that his band is going to do well. They are a lot better then most of what is out there by far....or at least that one song that I really liked.
I think that Andie and Elaine called one another they are both wearing gold shoes.......

..........wooden pendants from Lark, tank tops and dark jeans.

I had a really good time being out. Thanks Elizabeth's people!