Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Colour Blue

I've had a pretty good day, but I still feel blue.

My skin feels thin.


Arta said...

I have a question for you,
I found your blog with google search about main street, so weird right !
but i kinda feel the same today !
:) so here is cheers to the blue feeling days !

and hope for the red days ! if thats what you want !
sorry i never have the work ethics to start my own blogger so i write in a black book, but i thought i should send a smile you way :)

maybe that is my purpose in life to create happy things anonymously!
who knows
:) smile*

veronika said...

Hello arta,

Thank you. Today is bright the colour is clear like a sunbeam.

It goes like that.

Cheers to blue, black, cream, navy...and all the rest that make life so interesting.